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  • Left Hand on Top!
    For many elementary music teachers, the new calendar year coincides with the start of a unit on playing the recorder. If you're like me, you teach recorders to third graders for several reasons: as a way to reinforce their knowledge of absolute note names, to prepare them for band instruments ... read more
    Source: Music with Mrs. TanenblattPublished on Feb 19, 2018By Rachel Tanenblatt
  • Broom Dance and Other Favorite Folk Dances!
    I love folk dances and love when I see someone post a question on facebook about their favorite folk dance.  I recently learned the Broom Dance from friend Leslie B. on fb and she kindly directed me to Martha Riley, who shared her directions with me and gave permission to share here!  ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Feb 19, 2018By Aimee
  • Stress Reducing Strategies
    With winter dragging on and on, holidays past, germs spreading everywhere, and daylight still in short supply, this time of year can get stressful. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite ways to manage my stress levels at home and at school and make sure I'm taking care of myself. ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Feb 19, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Review: Little Gems for Piano Primer Level
    About a year and a half ago, I had the opportunity to review Paula Dryer’s Volume 1 and 2 of Little Gems for Piano. If you missed that review, you can read it here. This time, I am excited to let you know about the primer level in the Little ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Feb 16, 2018By Jennifer Foxx
  • Bounce High, Bounce Low: A Favorite Game to Teach La
    This time of year, my first graders are usually getting ready to add la to their melodic arsenal. They've been practicing so-mi songs for a while and it's time for the next step in their learning sequence. Since I completed my Kodály Level I last summer, I learned a lot ... read more
    Source: Music with Mrs. TanenblattPublished on Feb 16, 2018By Rachel Tanenblatt
  • Is My Child Ready for Piano Lessons
    Is my child ready for piano lessons?  This is a question I have been asked as a piano teacher several times.  It is completely normal to wonder if your child is ready to begin piano lessons.  There are several factors that go into this decision, and all the advice I ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Feb 15, 2018By Jessica Peresta
  • TpT Sale PLUS Win a TpT Gift Card!
    Today kicks off the TpT site-wide sale! My store is 25% off when you use the code: XOXO. This is a great time to start your wish list and save big!   The Music Crew, of which I am a part of collaborated so we can do a HUGE ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Feb 14, 2018By Jennifer Foxx
  • How to Start a Handbell Choir (with Zero Experience)
    So, you want to start a handbell choir.The only problem is, you don't know the first thing about ringing and your ringers are mostly newbies without a whole lot of previous musical experience.What's a want-to-be handbell choir director to do?The good news is you don't need to have a lot ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Feb 14, 2018By Ashley Danyew
  • Using Wordless Books to Explore Melodic Readiness
    I’m collaborating with my friends at MusicEd Blogs on Facebook to discuss all the different ways we teach melody!  I could write for days on all the different ways I teach melody, but today I’m going to focus on using children’s literature to teach musical concepts.  There are many books ... read more
    Source: Sing To KidsPublished on Feb 14, 2018By Jennifer Bailey
  • Plainsies, Clapsies
    Plainsies, Clapsies is a fun game to practice beat and pitch. For the game, any small/medium sized ball will do. Tennis balls, foam balls, or even hacky sacks would work. You'll need enough balls for each student to have one. If you don't have that many, you can always try ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Feb 14, 2018By Yellow Brick Road Blog

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