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  • A seat at the table
    Perhaps I was naïve. I was finally sitting on the adjudicator side of the table. I had attended the Eau Claire Jazz Festival as a high school, then worked and played the festival as a college student. I brought bands to the festival (one of my students even won a ... read more
    Source: Sarah M. Minette: Educator and MusicianPublished on Apr 21, 2018
  • Songs to Teach Tempo in the Music Room
    Teaching Tempo to children can feel like a simple task.  It’s just fast and slow, right?  Talking about fast and slow is one thing, but guiding students to understand and internalize it in their bodies is a whole other thing!  Tempo is an element of Musical Expression, and it’s one ... read more
    Source: Sing To KidsPublished on Apr 21, 2018By Jennifer Bailey
  • This Earth Day – Turn Plastic Into Something Fantastic!
    This year’s Earth Day theme is End Plastic Waste! We hope you’ve been reading about this topic and moved to make changes in your own life. But, what about plastic you already have in your recycling bin? Creating fun recycling projects with kids will help them see plastic waste as ... read more
    Source: Tiny Tapping ToesPublished on Apr 19, 2018By Daria
  • Five Ideas to Try After a Concert
    This is the time of year where I start seeing posts on social media about what to do after the concert, what to do during testing, and even, what to do when your students aren’t allowed to play because of noise during testing! So, whether any of these scenarios resonate with ... read more
    Source: Off the Beaten Path: A Music Teacher’s JourneyPublished on Apr 19, 2018By Theresa Ducassoux
  • Introducing: #beginningband
    Announcing my new project to help educate and support music educators. I’m calling it “#beginningband”…because I’m beginning teaching band! Before you ask, the answer is ‘Yes. I have taught band before.’. But most recently my band teaching was confined to conducting our community band…not exactly ... read more
    Source: Professional Music EducatorPublished on Apr 18, 2018By Elisa
  • 33 Choral Anthems with Organ Accompaniment
    It’s that time of the year: Easter Sunday is past, and the choir year is beginning to wind down - time to start thinking about music for next year! Too soon?Perhaps you have plans to attend a local reading session this summer or attend a music- or worship-related conference. Maybe ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Apr 18, 2018By Ashley Danyew
  • Draw a Bucket of Water for the Elementary Music Classroom
    Draw a Bucket of Water (sometimes known as Sugar Bowl) has a plethora of variations, with differences including time signature, key, rhythms, and pitches. Normally, I would use the version found in HNU's American Folk Song Collection. However, for today's purposes, I'm going to use the version that most often ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Apr 18, 2018By Yellow Brick Road Blog
  • Songs for Teaching Half Notes
    Our students are ready to learn about half notes after they have a solid understanding of the difference between rhythm and beat, and lots of practice with quarter notes and eighth notes.The Significance of Half NotesHalf notes represent a huge accomplishment in the lives of young musicians, because this is ... read more
    Source: We Make the MusicPublished on Apr 17, 2018By Victoria Boler
  • Mission Possible! Voyage 2: Speech in the Elementary Music Classroom
    Are y'all ready for stop number 2 on our Mission Possible? ...or are you so over the cheesy title?? #sorrynotsorryThe good news for you is that out of the four different types of music teaching media we're exploring this month, speech is definitely among the most accessible. I'm willing to ... read more
    Source: AnacrusicPublished on Apr 17, 2018By Anne Mileski
  • Finishing the School Year Strong
    To say that the end of the school year can get a little hectic would be an understatement for sure. Often as teachers we can go into survival mode, counting down the days until summer and hanging on for dear life, hoping the kids won't literally bounce off the classroom ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Apr 17, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell

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