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  • Side-by-Side Coaching
    This will be a short post. My "busy" is about to get a lot busier. I'm more involved in my retirement in more activities than ever before, I think.As a side-by-side coach, I get to do lots of different things. Last week and for the next few weeks, I am ... read more
    Source: Mrs. Aston’s High NotesPublished on Feb 13, 2018By Janis Aston
  • Teaching Recorder: troubleshooting
    One of the biggest struggles of teaching recorder is dealing with all the squeaks and squawks, especially in the beginning. After teaching recorder for over a decade I've learned to spot some of the most common issues beginners deal with, and the most effective ways to address them in the ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Feb 13, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • 5 More Reasons to Start a Rock Group at Your School (Part 2)
    In this post, I have included five more reasons to start a rock band at your school. This a sequel post to one from back in 2017 called, 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Rock Band at Your School (Part 1). All 10, as well as others, are included in ... read more
    Source: Steve’s Music RoomPublished on Feb 12, 2018By Steve Giddings
  • Snow Day Activities
    We have definitely had more than our fair share of snow days this year, and if my friends' comments are any indication, many people around the U.S. are having similar experiences! Yes, being able to sleep in is nice, but getting cooped up inside, especially with young children, can get ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Feb 12, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Teaching Kids to Sing
    I originally shared about teaching kids to sing in my Facebook group Music Education Connection.  Teaching kids to sing can be uncomfortable for parents and teachers if singing is not our strong suit.  But, there are ways that students can be taught to sing, even if you may not be the ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Feb 10, 2018By Jessica Peresta
  • Sequencing Pattern Instruction in a MLT Classroom: Tonal Edition
    Warning – this post is for a very specific audience – Music Learning Theory practitioners.  If you are new to MLT, might I suggest searching my blog for a few introductory posts about Music Learning Theory?   You might also consider checking out the Gordon Institute for Music Learning page to ... read more
    Source: Sing To KidsPublished on Feb 10, 2018By Jennifer Bailey
  • Hula Hoop Activities
    These are SO much fun! The full pdf has 20 pages with all the games listed.  Hope you enjoy them - if you would like the pdf, send me an email at musicquilt@Hotmail.com.  If you haven't yet checked out my facebook page, there are extras including a video that shows some ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Feb 10, 2018By Aimee
  • 7 Songs for Teaching the Minor Third and Major Triad
    *This post is part of a cooperative effort with the Music Ed Blogs Community on Facebook. Discover more amazing tools for teaching melody by visiting the page HERE. We all know that teaching our young students how to keep a beat is the first fundamental ... read more
    Source: Professional Music EducatorPublished on Feb 10, 2018By Elisa
  • Music Ed Mentor Podcast #017: How to Start a Rock Band
    Do you know how to start a rock band? Many schools are starting to incorporate commercial and popular music ensembles as part of their music curriculum. While these approaches have advantages for students, especially in smaller programs, teachers steeped in traditional music education pedagogy often ... read more
    Source: Professional Music EducatorPublished on Feb 10, 2018By Elisa
  • Background Music: Creating music with an effect
    I love guiding children to create, improvise, and compose music.  Helping children to find their “creative voice” through music is an important part of my curriculum.  We do this in a variety of ways in each grade, with the culminating project being “Background Music” in fifth grade.  I would love ... read more
    Source: Sing To KidsPublished on Feb 09, 2018By Jennifer Bailey

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