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  • 5 Patriotic Music Program Ideas
    I'm pretty patriotic and I love to have my students sing songs about America. That's why I've come up with Five Patriotic Music Program Ideas you can easily put together for your school. Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, and President's Day are great opportunities to pay respect, honor and celebrate our American ... read more
    Source: Sing Play CreativelyPublished on May 27, 2017
  • Summertime for Teachers: A Time to Purge, Plan and Prepare
    The long awaited summer's here and  it's the perfect time for teachers to purge, plan and prepare for the coming school year. If you're like me, you're lowering your shoulders a bit, de-stressing and doing things you don't get to do during the school year. I try to get out ... read more
    Source: Sing Play CreativelyPublished on May 27, 2017
  • Kids Discover Music Careers – Part 1 – Piano Accompanist
    Has your child always wondered about what it would be like to have a music career?  Have they wondered how to pursue these different careers and what steps to take to get there?  In this 7 part series, we will be taking a closer look at what it is really ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on May 26, 2017By Jessica Peresta
    Easter and Spring are just around the corner-for me spring is already blooming in the desert and the trees are blooming as well as all of the desert cactus. It's a great time to reinforce music class concepts and add movement for the spring wiggles. I hope you'll keep reading to ... read more
    Source: Sing Play CreativelyPublished on May 24, 2017
  • Make An Ocean Drum for World Oceans Day
    Have you heard of World Oceans Day? Celebrated annually on June 8th, it’s an internationally recognized and celebrated day to learn, share, preserve and promote one of our most magnificent resources, the oceans and seas. The World Oceans Days website (link below) is a wealth of information – including research ... read more
    Source: Tiny Tapping ToesPublished on May 24, 2017By Daria
  • Our Music Sunday Service
    Earlier this year, I wrote a post on planning a music-themed service with liturgy, music, hymns, anthems, and other worship planning resources. (Read it here, in case you missed it.)This past weekend, we had a Music Sunday at our church and I thought I'd share a copy of our service ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on May 24, 2017By Ashley Danyew
  • Down to the Baker’s Shop
    If you're a longtime follower of my blog, then you may remember that I've written about this song before. You can read that post here. In that post, I focused on the concept of melodic contour. However, today's post is going to be all about movement. You already know how ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on May 24, 2017By Yellow Brick Road Blog
  • Dance Playlist: 2017 edition
    Last year I shared my favorite kid-friendly, school appropriate songs to use for dance parties that are also cool enough for older kids. My students in kindergarten through 6th grade were all happy with those songs every time I used the playlist! I'm back again with more upbeat dance songs ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on May 23, 2017By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Books to Help Little Kids with Big Emotions
    While there are many things I absolutely love about 3-5 year olds, the overwhelming bursts of emotion they go through on a daily basis can often be.... well.... challenging to deal with. Similar to puberty, kids this age usually to go through a phase where their emotions are often more ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on May 22, 2017By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Out with School – On with Learning!
    Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. You can keep your child’s brain active while still having fun and enjoying their time off. Try these different activities to help maintain your child’s reading, writing, math and science skills! Reading Skills Find ... read more
    Source: Music Teaching and ParentingPublished on May 22, 2017By Maria Stefanova

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