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  • Getting Over the Fear of Teaching Online
    Technology allows us to problem solve in ways that might have been a little more challenging before. Sometimes we hesitate to take that first step because of all the things that might go wrong. But when we keep things simple and make technology work for us, instead of the other… Read more »
  • A Teacher’s Survival Guide to Lice
    Every teacher is at risk of getting lice in their career. Learn some tips and tricks to deal with lice and preventative measures to ensure you don't! The post A Teacher’s Survival Guide to Lice appeared first on Sing to Kids. Read more »
  • 5 Benefits for Teaching Video Lessons
    Video lessons are a little different from online lessons. Online is connecting live with a student and video is when you are recording a lesson for a student to watch at a later time. Many of the benefits in providing a video lessons for students are very similar to online… Read more »
  • Music Makers Show Notes: Fitting an Orff Arrangement into a Kodaly-Inspired Lesson
    Do you love your Kodaly-Inspired lesson template? Do you love those groovy Orff arrangements? There’s no reason the two can’t work together. It’s just a matter of getting clear on your goals.This was a question from a lovely educator on instagram. I love chatting about music education topics, so if… Read more »
  • 2019 Reading Session Picks: Children's Choir
    Looking for new anthem ideas for your choir? You’ve come to the right place.This month, I’m sharing my top “Reading Session Picks” for church choirs (see my 18 anthem recommendations for Adult Choir + more to come).Today, I’m sharing 10 new anthems for children's choirs (my favorites from all the… Read more »
  • Music Makers Show Notes: Resources for Your Grade-Level Song List
    Read more about song lists in this blog post.Check out the Planning Binder hereHoly Names University WebsiteKodaly HubVictoria Boler’s Song CollectionSmithsonian Folkways RecordingsAlan Lomax’s RecordingsThe Global Jukebox Read more »
  • Different Parts of the Violin and Their Function
    Are  you getting ready for your child to start violin lessons? Before picking your own violin and starting your own violin lessons, it’s important to know the different parts of the instrument. Here is the list of the different parts of the violin and their distinct functions: Scroll – Located… Read more »
  • Music Teacher Startup
    Have you ever wished that there was some help out there specifically for music teachers who are running their own business?Forget about the teaching… What about everything else that comes along with it? The marketing, branding, creating a website, SEO, the list can go on and on… If you run… Read more »
  • The Administrator Music Teachers Love
    A year ago I interviewed my administrators about the kinds of qualities they view as important to being a successful music teacher. But what qualities do good administrators have that make them successful leaders for music teachers? After years of working with mediocre administrators, supporting some friends who worked with… Read more »
  • 5 Benefits for Teaching Online Lessons
    Teaching online lessons can be a little scary as there are some things that could go wrong. However, there is so much more that can go right! I wanted to share some benefits that I have found as I have taught online lessons over the years.Location Doesn’t MatterBecause the location… Read more »
  • Target Finds!
    I love the Bullseye Playground, AKA The Dollar Spot at Target. Especially this time of year. They load up on back to school items for the classroom that are fun, colorful, and meaningful. I always find something I can use for the beginning of the year.While scrolling through instagram I… Read more »
  • What Are The Elements of Music?
    For as long as any of you reading this have been alive, music has been taught in the context of so-called musical elements. Though one can find variations on just what is included in a list of musical elements, most will agree that it includes rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony, timbre,… Read more »
  • Music Education Domains Revisited
    In a recent blogpost, I speculated that formal instruction in music could be divided into 11 domains: 1) Expression/Style, 2) Folk Dance, 3) Form, 4) Genre, 5) History, 6) Melodic/Motivic Phrase Structure, 7) Poetry, 8) Rhythm Musicianship, 9) Texture, 10) Timbre/Register, 11) Tonal Musicianship. After listing these, I went on… Read more »
  • “Foundational” skills
    On a recent music education facebook page, someone wrote the following: “List for me, as it relates to elementary general music, the basic and most foundational skills we as music teachers should pass down to our students.” Here is my response: Skills are inseparable from content. (In theory, you can… Read more »
  • Au Clair de la Lune for the Elementary Music Classroom
    I was today years old when I learned that the oldest known recording of the human voice contains the second verse of Au Clair de la Lune. You can listen to the recording HERE. For most of us, this song brings up memories of learning the recorder, Tonette, or Flutophone.… Read more »
  • 2019 Reading Session Picks: Adult Choir
    This is one of my favorite posts to write each summer.For the past several weeks, I’ve been reviewing literally hundreds of new choral releases and distilling them down to the 18 you’ll find on this list (+ a few other lists that I’ll be sharing over the next few weeks).… Read more »
  • Where to Find Preschool Music that Everyone Loves
    Here are a few of my favourite artists who are creating some amazing music for preschoolers (which can be appreciated by parents too!). These songs are perfect for preschool music lessons, long car rides with small children, and family dance parties. Caspar Babypants The former front man of The Presidents… Read more »
  • Color Teams in the Music Room
    If there is one thing that I do that has the biggest impact on my classroom procedures, it is color teams! Color teams make everything easier: transitions between activities, beginning and end of class procedures, student jobs, managing student supplies, assigning instruments, seating arrangements, small groups, and so much more.… Read more »
  • Tips to Help You Prepare for the Upcoming School Year
    I know you’re still in full on summer mode, but along with relaxing (which we talk about in this blog post), it’s important that you also prepare for the upcoming school year.    What are ways you can prepare?  Well, for starters, you’re preparing by just taking a break, like… Read more »
  • Summer Giveaway!
    Yup, you read correctly! If you have followed the blog for any length of time you know my feelings on sharing resources. I love to "share the love".  This summer is a big one as I am celebrating my 4th book being published so this is a BIG share. You… Read more »
  • #ISTE19 Top Ten
    As a music teacher, have you ever considered attending the ISTE conference? ISTE stands for the International Society for Technology in Education. While I have attended my state technology conference several times, this was my first time at ISTE. It did not disappoint! Held at the Philadelphia Convention Center, the… Read more »
  • Tonara Music Practice App
    I am happy to introduce our new advertising sponsor here on Music Educator Resources.Tonara is an all-in-one music practice app. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Asaf and Lou Ann in person where they walked me through the app and all that it does.Tonara not only keeps track… Read more »
  • June Favorites 2019
    Well that was fast! It's hard to believe a whole month even just happened, but it certainly did- here are some highlights from the month of June.1. Endings and beginningsJune marked the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break! Of course I love the time I… Read more »
  • The Declaration of Independence
    https://thewayschildrenlearnmusic.files.wordpress.com/2019/07/declaration-of-independence-wells-and-copland.m4a Read more »
  • Essential Things To Consider When Writing Music Curriculum
    Many school districts engage administrators and faculty in doing curriculum work over the summer. It is a good time for this type of work, because teachers are not encumbered with planning and providing instruction for and to students, respectively, and many teachers benefit from writing curriculum from a position of… Read more »
  • Tonal & Metric Variety In Elementary General Music Textbooks (Lange, 2009)
    Lange, D. M. (2009). An examination of the tonalities and meters in 21st-century elementary music textbooks. The GIML Audea, 14(2), 7-10. What tonalities (i.e., modes) and meters are prevalent in commonly-used elementary music textbooks? Lange examined two major textbook series: Making Music (2006) published by Silver Burdett and Spotlight on… Read more »
  • Calliope Musical Circus
    Come One, Come All to the Calliope Musical Circus!Students will be focusing on improving their ensemble skills with the goal of learning at least one duet a month. As they are passing off their duets they will be choosing from 10 different “circus acts” which are challenges varying from learning… Read more »
  • Summer Ukulele Challenge
    It's summer! A time to unwind, breathe and do things that bring us happiness! One of my favorite things to do to relax is play ukulele but it's so hard to make time to play during the school year. Join me for a challenge that is simply for your enjoyment… Read more »
  • Summer Listening List for Music Teachers
    Last week I shared a summer reading list for music teachers, with my recommendations of books that I have found helpful in reflecting on my teaching practice, especially in addressing marginalized people and perspectives. Books are great! But what about the music we're listening to? Summer break is the perfect… Read more »
  • #GoogleEI and Music Teacher Balance
    In ten days we will travel to London, not only to enjoy some time away but also for me to attend the Google Innovator Academy! Since being accepted into the academy seven weeks ago I have been getting to know the other members of my cohort online and working on… Read more »
  • TMTA Convention 2019: Expand Your Horizons Part 2
    View from my room (24th floor)Aside from an aiport layover years ago, this was my first time in Texas. On the way to hotel, I learned that Houston has a downtown, uptown and midtown. Who knew? Not me!In my short time at TMTA I knew I couldn’t miss spending some… Read more »
  • TMTA Convention 2019: Expand Your Horizons Part 1
    I had the opportunity to fly to Houston and present at the Texas Music Teachers Association Convention. I have always wanted to check it out and I was looking forward to my time there. My only regret was not spending more time. It was a super quick turn around trip.… Read more »
  • Tonality Test (Original Version)
    It’s been a busy time.  My kids have rehearsals and concerts and martial arts practice, and I’m driving them all over the place, and loving every minute of it, but what can I do to clear my head?  The answer’s all too clear:  Write a tonality test.  It’s finished, at… Read more »
  • Male and Female Photographic Representation in 50 years of Music Educators Journal (Kruse, Giebelhausen, Shouldice, & Ramsey, 2015)
    Kruse, A. J., Giebelhausen, R., Shouldice, H. N., & Ramsey, A. L. (2015). Male and female photographic representation in 50 years of Music Educators Journal. Journal of Research in Music Education, 62(4), 485-500. What was the gender makeup of photographs depicting adults in implied positions of authority in Music Educators… Read more »
  • 5 Inspirational Music Education Videos to Watch During Summer Break
    A conversation with award-winning conductor and Crystal Award winner Marin Alsop on her commitment to providing music education to young people. Music is a powerful communication tool–it causes us to laugh, cry, think and question. Bassist and five-time Grammy winner, Victor Wooten, asks us to approach music the same way… Read more »
  • 7 Books to Read This Summer
    Summer is the perfect time for a new book (or three). I love having a book with me when I fly or hop in the car for a long road trip, but also the everyday times like sitting by the pool or lake on a hot summer day or curled… Read more »
  • Love Bucket Drumming? Try Mini-Bucket Drumming!
    Do you have a young drummer in the house? You’ll love this simple but awesome drum craft! It’s based on the idea of bucket drumming – taking an unexpected item like a paint bucket and turning it into a drum.  But instead of buckets, this craft reuses coffee cans and… Read more »
  • A New Chapter
    This blog began one afternoon as I sat at my desk, writing out reflections on the day’s teaching. It was a habit I had begun earlier that year. I thought that by writing down what had gone well and what had not gone well, I would be able to improve… Read more »
  • Tuesday Book Club - The Nutcracker, A Pop-Up Book
    It's exactly 6 months til Christmas Ya'll!This summer, I came across this AMAZING Nutcracker Pop-Up Book by Jenni Fleetwood and Illustrated by Phillida Gili. The Nutcracker is my favorite and this book will be my new go-to for telling the story to my classes.WOW. That is all I can say. … Read more »
  • Summer Reading List for Music Teachers
    One of the best perks of summer break for teachers is having the time and energy to read, enjoy, and process books in a way that you just can't during the school year, and especially books that make us reflect on our teaching practice in a fresh way. It's much… Read more »
  • Ukulele Resource Round Up
    Are you teaching ukulele? From prepping your instruments, to play along videos, to curriculum and storage - there is something for everyone in this blog post! The post Ukulele Resource Round Up appeared first on Sing to Kids. Read more »
  • Resources for Creating a Grade-Level Song List (That You May Not Have Thought of Yet!)
    One of the most practical things you can do at the beginning of a school year is to have a running list of songs to use with a particular concept. Songs lists can be time consuming to put together, but in the end they give clarity on lesson planning materials… Read more »
  • Take the Elvis Quiz
    We all know that Elvis was one of the biggest rock and roll stars ever – maybe THE biggest. But do you know that when he was in elementary school music was the only subject he failed, and he was ridiculed by his fellow students for his odd singing style.… Read more »
  • Is a Freelance Music Career Right for You?
    In music school, we learn about performance style and theory, analysis and history. We study and read and listen and write. We soak up rich musical experiences and learn to dedicate ourselves to practicing our instrument and refining our musical skill set.And if we're lucky, we learn about music careers… Read more »
  • The Bear Went Over the Mountain for the Elementary Music Classroom
    The Bear Went Over the Mountain is sung to the tune of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. To begin this lesson, sing the melody to your class and see if they recognize it. You may have a majority of students who’ve heard it before, or possibly none at all.… Read more »
  • Music Teacher Tip #17: Missed Lessons
    One of the most common questions I see or hear from independent music teachers is, “what do you do when a student needs to miss a lesson?” OR “Do you do make-up lessons?”I don’t do make-up lessons. Matter of fact, I am strongly against them. I don’t know where the… Read more »
  • Summer Reflection: Challenges and New Ideas
    I like to take time at the end of each school year to reflect. It's easy for me to get so caught up in the excitement of new ideas I have for next year that I don't spend enough time really processing the year that has just passed! This year… Read more »
  • A Legacy for Mexican Children
    by Elisa Rangel Read more »
  • Turkey in the Straw
    by Valerie Diaz Leroy Read more »
  • Make a Water Drum In Your Own Backyard
    Does this look like fun? This musical water play is based on an actual instrument called a gourd water drum. Found both in Africa and in the ancient Mayan culture of Mexico, this drum has a completely unique and amazing sound that is deep and resonant and can be heard… Read more »
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