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  • Jan Ken Pon Yo
    In Japan, there are epic battles that have played out for centuries. Yes, you guessed it, Janken or "Hand Games".  In the US we call this game Rock, Paper, Scissors.  I use Rock, Paper, Scissors as a way to determine partners, and as a way to determine who plays what ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Nov 15, 2018By Aimee
  • Learn ASL (American Sign Language) Through Music
    Have you ever seen an ASL (American Sign Language) translator interpret a speech, a discussion or a song?  It’s an amazing ballet of graceful movement and dynamic expression.  In fact, although it doesn’t use words or sounds at all, ASL is an amazing language that may already be part of ... read more
    Source: Tiny Tapping ToesPublished on Nov 14, 2018By Daria
  • Candles Glow Speech Piece
    Planning holiday concerts is always tricky. I want to have all of my students diverse celebrations represented.  I struggle with finding music that represents everyone and isn't too much Christmas, but just enough, or too much Kwanzaa, and not enough Hanukkah, or too much ________ or not enough ______.  It ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Nov 14, 2018By Aimee
  • A Quick Latin Pronunciation Guide for Church Choirs
    Does your choir know how to sing in Latin?There’s something sacred about singing an anthem in Latin, I think; it connects us back to our ancient roots, the development of church music centuries before us, and those that gathered to worship in those times and places.The best part about ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Nov 14, 2018By Ashley Danyew
  • Teaching Tempo with Art Music
    It can seem overwhelming to incorporate western art music into the elementary music classroom. The attention span of students is equal to that of a goldfish or me when I’m attempting to do math. The 27-minute symphony that makes you break down into happy tears every time you hear it ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Nov 14, 2018By Jennifer
  • Creative Flexibility Can Save The Day
    As we enter another holiday season, I’m sure many of you who teach have already noticed the children getting a bit excited. Often, managing classroom behavior becomes more difficult as holiday anticipation and excitement builds. For this reason, it is good at this time of year to consider strategies that ... read more
    Source: Mr A Music PlacePublished on Nov 13, 2018By mramusicplace
  • Students with Special Needs: Representation
    As I continue to think about ways to better reflect, respect, and respond to traditionally marginalized people and perspectives in the music classroom, I am turning my attention today to people with special needs. In particular, today I want to focus on ways to better reflect examples of people and ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Nov 13, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Today I Did Nothing
    Today I did nothing.It was so wonderful getting a chance to stay at home and relax with my family without any responsibilities- just a chance to unwind after a crazy week.Plus it gave me time to clean the bathtub and the garbage can. They were getting pretty gross and I ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Nov 12, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Prelude Op. 37, No. 1 in B flat minor by Alexander Scriabin
    I couldn’t resist playing one more prelude.  This one is an exquisite, soulful piece marked mesto, which means mournful.  This is the sort of piece that George Sementovsky, my teacher, would have reveled in, with his attention to color, shading, blur, and nuance.  I’m sure he would have milked the ... read more
    Source: The Ways Children Learn MusicPublished on Nov 12, 2018By bluestine
  • Mission Santa
    Jack Frost has not been kind this winter. Santa has been frozen and is stuck at the North Pole… LITERALLY! He must be rescued in time for Christmas! Luckily the Superhero Apprentices have been training and are ready to help! Each challenge will test their abilities and bring them closer ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Nov 11, 2018By Jennifer Foxx

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