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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Rock Band at Your School (Part 1)
    Teaching rock bands in schools is a passion of mine. The kids really gravitate to it and can really impress me. They blow me away at every concert. The following is an excerpt from my soon-to-be published book called “Rock Coach” where I take you through how to set up ... read more
    Source: Steve’s Music RoomPublished on Aug 19, 2017By Steve Giddings
  • The Busy Music Teachers Guide to Staying Fit Without Going to the Gym
    Yeah, that’s right. I’m calling you out! All of us music teachers who give so much to our jobs and neglect our physical fitness and well-being. You know who you are. Let me tell you a true story, and I hope this friend forgives me for ... read more
    Source: Professional Music EducatorPublished on Aug 18, 2017By Elisa
  • How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain
    I was fascinated when I first saw this TED-Ed talk by Anita Collins.  We have all heard about the benefits of music education, but this video shows how playing an instrument benefits your brain.  So do yourself a favor and watch the video, read my thoughts about it, and then ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Aug 18, 2017By Jessica Peresta
  • Make Your Own Egyptian Sistrum And Join The MENA Blog Hop!
    We’re proud to be part of the Middle Eastern North Africa blog hop. Naturally we have a post about music, but make sure you check out all the other related posts (listed below) to learn more about this beautiful and culturally rich part of the world. Crafting is a ... read more
    Source: Tiny Tapping ToesPublished on Aug 18, 2017By Daria
  • Feature Friday: Practice Charts
    Today’s Feature Friday is a set of 36 different practice charts to choose from. That is 3 different options each month! I just updated this file to INCLUDE an editable version. What does this mean for you? This means you can really take these beautiful and unique pages and turn ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Aug 18, 2017By Jennifer Foxx
  • Stop Disappearing Pencils
    You’re running a rehearsal and you ask students to write something in. It’s almost inevitable that a hand will slowly raise and the question on the end of that hand will ask for a ... read more
    Source: Music with Miss WPublished on Aug 16, 2017By Michelle
  • 5 Simple Ways to Communicate with Your Choir
    Communication skills are such an important part of ministry: keeping people connected and engaged, and making them feel a part of the things that are going on, both in the music program and in the church as a whole. Clear, consistent communication is key to building and sustaining your music ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Aug 16, 2017By Ashley Danyew
  • Teaching Recorder in Elementary Music: Part Two
    Last week I wrote a blog post focusing on posture, breath support, and articulation with recorders. You can read that HERE. This week, I'll be focusing on recorder repertoire. I'll be going over some ideas on how to maintain proper technique, use engaging warmups, and choose the repertoire that fits ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Aug 16, 2017By Yellow Brick Road Blog
  • Ten Songs every preschooler should know
    Singing with your children is such a fun way to bond with them.  Research has shown that babies even recognize their mother’s voice from the womb, as well as lullabies that were sung to them!  Babies also show preference for their mother’s (or other caretaker’s) voices.  If you have never ... read more
    Source: Learning by StepPublished on Aug 15, 2017By kcteach
  • Music and Science with “Papageno’s Song” from Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”
    How often do you use classical music in activities with young children? I used to be a little intimidated by the prospect. Love classical music! Love young children! But just didn’t picture how they’d look together. However, like chocolate and peanut butter joining their yumminesses to create Reese’s Peanut ... read more
    Source: Music (and Science) for Young ChildrenPublished on Aug 15, 2017By Abby Connors

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