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  • What No One Tells You About Teaching
    All the schooling and studying in the world will not prepare you for the complexities and bewilderment that comes with walking into a classroom and commanding your own group of children. There’s more to teaching than a lesson plan and these ten points may better prepare you for the ... read more
    Source: Music Teaching and ParentingPublished on Jun 25, 2017By Maria Stefanova
  • Sing Play Create New Website!
    Hey friends! I hope you've noticed- I've shortened the name of my store to SING-PLAY-CREATE! And. . . the website is up and running. The RESOURCE LIBRARY is not quite open yet-but hey, it will be SOON! I hope you'll head on over to the new website.WWW.SINGPLAYCREATE.COMHere's the new LOGO . ... read more
    Source: Sing Play CreativelyPublished on Jun 24, 2017
  • Feature Friday: Practice Makes Perfect or Does It?
    It’s Feature Friday which means some savings for you! Since practicing has been on my mind a lot lately, I thought I would feature my Practice Makes Perfect or Does It? workshop. It’s on SALE until 10:00pm AZ MST today only! Practice Makes Perfect or DOES It is a workshop I have been holding ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Jun 23, 2017By Jennifer Foxx
  • 4 Free Online Professional Development Resources for Music Teachers
    Who said professional development had to be expensive? Check out these free online resources! 1. Try a MOOC(massive open online course). These courses are offered for FREE to anyone with internet. They ... read more
    Source: Music with Miss WPublished on Jun 22, 2017By Michelle
  • The Waltzing Cat listening lesson
    Today, from our June playlist, we’ll be going through a piece called The Waltzing Cat by one of my favorite composers, Leroy Anderson.  He’s the composer of the famous piece, Sleigh Ride, which is a very popular piece at Christmas (though not actually a Christmas piece! You can read more about that here, if ... read more
    Source: Learning by StepPublished on Jun 22, 2017By kcteach
  • What I’m Working On This Summer
    I’ve been a little quiet over here lately, but it’s not for lack of things to say or write about! The end of the school/church year is always busy (am I right?!), and this year was no exception (read more about what I've been up to lately below).I’ve also been hard ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Jun 21, 2017By Ashley Danyew
  • Vivaldi’s Summer
    Wouldn't you love to feel like the kids in that picture? They're running around with not a care in the world, longing for their next ice cream fix. Come to think of it, that describes music teachers pretty well, minus the "not a care in the world" part. I'm sure you ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Jun 21, 2017By Yellow Brick Road Blog
  • Teaching Students How to Practice
    I’ve been holding a practice workshop with my students every few years for awhile now. Even if the same student took it just a few years prior, their experience with it totally changes because they are older and have advanced in their studies. This past year I made my practice ... read more
    Source: Music Educator ResourcesPublished on Jun 20, 2017By Jennifer Foxx
  • Planner Tour: flip-through and setup
    Time for a little more planner action! ;)I finally got a chance to take out my old pages from the 2016-2017 school year and put in the fresh, new pages for the 2017-2018 school year and I'm so excited! I decided to film the process this year, so if you're ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Jun 20, 2017By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Benefits of Musical Toys for Babies
    It is a well-established fact that music plays a huge role in the optimum development of children especially in terms of their cognitive, social, and emotional progress. However, there are some parents who don’t think that musical toys are important for babies for the simple fact that their sensory and ... read more
    Source: Music Teaching and ParentingPublished on Jun 20, 2017By Maria Stefanova

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