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    This post is all about clocks! Lots of ideas for a lesson using word rhythm vs beat, form, solo singing, expressive movement and more! Use this as one complete lesson, or pick and choose what works for you! I did this lesson in first grade last week and it was ... read more
    Source: Emily’s Kodaly MusicPublished on Jan 18, 2019By Emily Church
  • 5 Tips To Make Money From Your Music On YouTube
    Over the last 12 months, YouTube paid out more than $1 billion to artists, composers, and the entire music industry through advertising alone. If you want to make money from your music, it is a perfect place to showcase your talent. Yes, you can turn your passion into a career. ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Jan 16, 2019By Jessica Peresta
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Rehearsals Feel Monotonous (and How to Fix It!)
    5 Reasons Why Your Rehearsals Feel Monotonous-05.png You know the feeling:Lackluster.Laborious.Boring.Same old, same old. It’s easy to slip into a rut in rehearsals from time to time, but I think we can all agree: these are not things we want to feel ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Jan 16, 2019By Ashley Danyew
  • Lemonade
    I live in Indiana, where we can count on nothing when it comes to the weather. Today there’s snow on the ground and the skies are grey. But tomorrow we could be wearing our sunglasses and searching for last summer’s shorts. Either way, I’m looking forward to the real spring; ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Jan 16, 2019By Jennifer
  • Where are the girls?
    Welp, it’s happened again. Here we are, in 2019, and I am looking at an honor band with only boys. This summer I had the great opportunity to work with the all-state jazz ensemble. The kids were great. They worked hard, were kind, supportive, and helluva musicians. But there were ... read more
    Source: Sarah M. Minette: Educator and MusicianPublished on Jan 15, 2019
  • Planning an Elementary Music Iformance: Part 2
    There are so many ways you can bring your community in on your classroom process. One way is through an informance.An informance could be as simple as inviting parents to watch a class - simply set up some chairs in your room and you’re ready! Alternatively, it might be something ... read more
    Source: We Make the MusicPublished on Jan 15, 2019By Victoria Boler
  • Snowman
    This is the season of snow for many of us in the US, although I get substantially less here in NC than my friends and family get in my home state of Maine!  I always loved snow forts, sledding, and making snow creatures growing up, so here is a fun ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Jan 15, 2019By Aimee
  • 15 Fun Videos for Music Class
    I tend to avoid showing full-length movies in my classes, even when I'm out with a sub. I just find my students watch TV and movies so many other places in their life that they truly aren't interested. But for a quick break, an example of a musical concept I'm ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Jan 15, 2019By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • “But I Don’t Wanna!” – Motivation for Teaching Music After Winter Break
    Getting back into the groove of teaching after Winter break can be hard.  Let’s be honest, you’re so used to lounging around and may have put school out of your mind for a few weeks.  Just like a child says “I don’t wanna” when they don’t want to do something, ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Jan 14, 2019By Jessica Peresta
  • Four Fun Activities For Chinese New Year!
    I’m part of the Multicultural Kids Blog Hop for Chinese or Lunar New Year! I hope you enjoy these activities and also get a chance to check out all the other great posts below! There’s lots to do, read, create and explore at this exciting time of year. Here are ... read more
    Source: Tiny Tapping ToesPublished on Jan 14, 2019By Daria

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