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  • La-Based Minor vs Do-Based Minor, and a Bit of Personal History
    There is, right at this moment, an interesting and important Facebook thread going on, in which some MLT folks are writing about the merits of Do-based versus La-based minor—which is a discussion that never seems to go away!  Apropos of some things I read on that thread, I’d like to ... read more
    Source: The Ways Children Learn MusicPublished on Jul 14, 2018By bluestine
  • 5 of the Best Music Education Quotes
    Music education is so important, and it can be hard at times to find the right words to express to others about why it matters so much.  Sometimes when we don’t know what to say, we can use the words of others who have advocated for music education.  These music ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Jul 13, 2018By Jessica Peresta
  • Summer Reading
    Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!  I love my summers!  The first part we spent in Maine - my home state.  We go almost every summer, for 2 weeks, and rent a cottage on an island.  It is truly amazing.I always pick some summer reading - some ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Jul 13, 2018By Aimee
  • Artful Learning
    In this, the centennial anniversary of Leonard Bernstein’s birth, all sorts of things that this American musical icon did are being brought out into the public consciousness. Of course, most know of Bernstein’s work as a conductor, composer and teacher, what with his numerous recordings, lectures, young peoples concerts and ... read more
    Source: Mr A Music PlacePublished on Jul 12, 2018By mramusicplace
  • Inquiry & Mozart Minutes
    In May I wrote about a project I was doing with the 5th-grade band and orchestra students that we called “Mozart Minutes.” Mozart Minutes was essentially our version of a Genius Hour, where students could create their own projects relating to music. I neglected to do a follow-up post, which ... read more
    Source: Off the Beaten Path: A Music Teacher’s JourneyPublished on Jul 12, 2018By Theresa Ducassoux
  • Oompa Loompa® Costume Idea
    Willy Wonka KIDS® is one of my ALL TIME favorite MTI KIDS® shows.  It has everything a child (and their parent) enjoys in a musical--great music, nostalgia, candy, bright colors, a funny plot, and lots of opportunities to showcase students.  One thing that may hold you back is the costumes.  ... read more
    Source: Noteworthy By JenPublished on Jul 11, 2018By Jen
  • How to Recruit New Choir Members This Fall
    The beginning of a new choir year is a perfect time to invite and recruit a few new members. There are a few reasons for this:People are often eager to sign up for new things at the beginning of a new church/school yearThere’s energy and enthusiasm around new music, routines, ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Jul 11, 2018By Ashley Danyew
  • Music/Language Analogies: The Poor Ones First
    Why am I taking your time to show you analogies that don’t work?  To get your minds into the swing of thinking about music in the same way you think about language. —Leonard Bernstein, The Unanswered Question, pp. 60-61. So far, I’ve written two posts about music/language analogies.  They ... read more
    Source: The Ways Children Learn MusicPublished on Jul 10, 2018By bluestine
  • Going Down to Cairo for the Elementary Music Classroom
    Going Down to Cairo has an addictive melody and fast beat, which makes it work well in the elementary music classroom. You can use this song to practice steady beat, half note, and folk dance movements. You can find a wonderful recording of this song by Jill Trinka HERE. Upon ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Jul 10, 2018By Jennifer
  • Ace the Interview: questions to ask
    It's job interview season and with that comes all the stress of maneuvering your way through job applications and interviews. In every interview in which I have ever participated (on either side of the table), the candidate was given the opportunity to ask the interviewers any questions they may have. ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Jul 10, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell

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