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  • A Guitar Beginner’s First Strum Pattern
    Source: Teach Yourself MusicPublished on Mar 20, 2019By Rick Hendershot
  • “Career Intentions and Experiences of Pre- and In-Service Female Band Teachers” (Fischer-Croneis, 2016)
    Fischer-Croneis, S. H. (2016). Career intentions and experiences of pre- and in-service female band teachers. Journal of Research in Music Education, 64(2), 179-201. What are women’s experiences in realizing their professional goals as band teachers? Fischer-Croneis conducted a multiple case study of nine women in the midwestern U.S. who were ... read more
    Source: Everyday MusicalityPublished on Mar 20, 2019By heathershouldice7877
  • Bluebird Through My Window for the Elementary Music Classroom
    Bluebird Through My Window is a perpetual hit with kindergartners. They will love the active nature of the accompanying game, and it gives each student a chance to lead. NOTATION CIRCLE GAME Students stand in a circle with their hands joined. The circle represents a house and their arms ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Mar 20, 2019By Jennifer
  • Personalized Learning Tidbits
    Last week I attended the Mid-Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning (MACPL). As a member of the Personalized Learning Design Team in Arlington County, this was very exciting! Last year I wrote about my work with Personalized Learning in music a few times. While I haven’t written about it in a ... read more
    Source: Off the Beaten Path: A Music Teacher’s JourneyPublished on Mar 19, 2019By Theresa Ducassoux
  • Tuesday Book Club- My Many Colored Days
    My Many Colored Days- By Dr. Seuss     Paintings By Steve Johnson and Lou FancherI LOVE this book.  It seems more and more that kids need to know that emotions are ok, but also find good ways to deal with those emotions.Many schools are starting to talk about the Zones ... read more
    Source: Emily’s Kodaly MusicPublished on Mar 19, 2019By Emily Church
  • Elementary Music Center Activities (part 2)
    It has been well over a year since I last shared some favorite center activities, so it's time for an update! I've found some new favorites since my last post, but be sure to check out my other center ideas linked at the end of this one for more ideas- ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Mar 19, 2019By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • Playing on Fewer Strings is Often Easier and Better
    When I work with a new student who is learning guitar from scratch we start out playing 4 string versions of G, C and D because they are a bit easier to play. It is also good to learn to be disciplined enough to start your strum on the ... read more
    Source: Teach Yourself MusicPublished on Mar 17, 2019By Rick Hendershot
  • An Exercise to Help Learn the Guitar Fretboard
    As I have said elsewhere, learning the fretboard is difficult when it is divorced from playing songs and exercises actually using the fretboard positions you are trying the learn. So playing the notes in question is very important. That’s why learning the fretboard goes hand in hand with ... read more
    Source: Teach Yourself MusicPublished on Mar 14, 2019By admin
  • “An Examination of Music Teacher Job Interview Questions” (Juchniewicz, 2016)
    Juchniewicz, J. (2016). An examination of music teacher job interview questions. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 26(1), 56-58. What do principals think are the most important questions to ask when interviewing prospective music teachers? Does a principal’s school level, setting, or years of experience affect which interview questions they believe ... read more
    Source: Everyday MusicalityPublished on Mar 13, 2019By heathershouldice7877
  • Teaching Form with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
    Teaching form to kindergartners looks much different than teaching form to third graders. However, the commonality is that students need to experience the concept first, and one great way to do that is through movement. Today, I’m going to focus on the song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and discuss how ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Mar 13, 2019By Jennifer

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