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  • Race in the Music Room: Representation
    Over the last several weeks I have been tackling the topic of inclusion for traditionally marginalized people and perspectives in music education, and today we're talking about race. My focus in this series is threefold: reflecting underrepresented perspectives and people, responding to the needs and perspectives of marginalized perspectives and people, and respecting those differing perspectives ... read more
    Source: Organized ChaosPublished on Oct 23, 2018By Elizabeth Caldwell
  • 4 Amazing Halloween Suzuki Violin Ideas
    Are you looking for Halloween Suzuki violin ideas for your classroom! Here are 4 Suzuki Violin ideas for Halloween your students will enjoy! There are so many Suzuki violin games and activities for Halloween that spice up the group classes, private lessons and home practice. You can read even more Suzuki ... read more
    Source: Music Teaching and ParentingPublished on Oct 22, 2018By Maria Stefanova
  • Why Practice?
    I was in my senior year of my undergraduate studies, during my apprentice teaching semester. I shared an off-campus apartment with two other men, one a music major the other a psychology major. One day, after I had been practicing my clarinet, the music major said to me, “I don’t ... read more
    Source: Mr A Music PlacePublished on Oct 21, 2018By mramusicplace
  • Back to School: Prepping for Your Recorder Unit
    Learning how to play the recorder is a rite of passage for just about every elementary student.  Playing recorder provides our students first steps in caring for an instrument, reading notation with an instrument, the personal responsibility of bringing an instrument to and from music to class, and creating time ... read more
    Source: Sing To KidsPublished on Oct 21, 2018By Jennifer Bailey
  • Tips for Successfully Starting an Elementary Choir
    Have you thought about starting an elementary choir, but just don’t know how?  What if I told you it’s not as overwhelming as it sounds?  When I first decided to start a 4th-5th grade honors choir, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into.  I decided to just ... read more
    Source: The Domestic MusicianPublished on Oct 18, 2018By Jessica Peresta
  • Spiders!
    This is the perfect time of year for creepy crawly spiders! Just this morning I had a pretty BIG one in my music room while a class of  kindergarteners were there.. oh my! They saw it and pointed it out then of course wanted me to rescue it and send ... read more
    Source: O for Tuna OrffPublished on Oct 18, 2018By Aimee
  • Tuesday Book Club- In the Hall of the Mountain King
    It's October! It's Fall! It's My Birthday Month!One of my favorite stories to do in the fall is "In the Hall of the Mountain King".  The version I read is adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Allison Flannery, Illustrated by Vesper Stamper and, of course, includes the music by Edvard Grieg.When ... read more
    Source: Emily’s Kodaly MusicPublished on Oct 17, 2018By Emily Church
  • What’s Not in the Job Description: The Many Roles of a Handbell Choir Director
    “Congratulations! We’re excited to have you as our new handbell choir director.There’s not much to it, really. Just show up on Wednesday nights for rehearsal, pick out a few things to play in worship this year, and arrive a little early those mornings to run through your piece.The bells ... read more
    Source: Ashley DanyewPublished on Oct 17, 2018By Ashley Danyew
  • Los Esqueletos in the Elementary Music Classroom
    Los Esqueletos is a children’s song from Costa Rica, and it’s all about skeletons. The thing I love the most about this song is its lyrics. I love the multiple verses, which describe skeletons doing ordinary activities, such as eating rice, going to the theater, and playing chess. According to ... read more
    Source: The Yellow Brick RoadPublished on Oct 17, 2018By Jennifer
  • Vocal Registers
    My students really enjoy this unit—maybe because kids find the human voice more accessible, more compelling, than instrumental timbres—or maybe because they know the terms alto and soprano from choir.  Kids in 4th grade (or the second half of 3rd grade) do especially well with this unit. Many years ago, ... read more
    Source: The Ways Children Learn MusicPublished on Oct 16, 2018By bluestine

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